Me, Him, Them and It Book Review

         Me, Him, Them, & It

         I just finished reading Me, Him, Them and It by Caela Carter. This was a pretty thick book and took me a bit to read. This novel is about a girl named Evie who gets pregnant by accident. She has recently decided to become bad, slutty Evie  instead of all-star distance runner, goody-two-shoes Evelyn. Her parents are married but far from happy and because of this no one really talks in their house. That is, if they’re not yelling. When Evie gets pregnant with someone who’s not her boyfriend (he’s more like a friend with benefits….) everything changes. Her grades slip, her parents start paying attention to her and Todd (her “friend”) leaves her. After Evie can’t make any decisions or choices (Adoption, abortion or keep the baby?) her parents take things into their own hands. They end up paying Evie’s aunt and her partner 4 grand a month to “hide” Evie during her pregnancy. So, Evie essentially dissapears for a year to take care of her ill aunt (or so her classmates think.) During her year off, Evie is supposed to focus on staying healthy for the birth of the baby (As devout Catholics abortion is out of the picture.) and getting her grades back up so she can still be Valedictorian. Evie finds it impossible to do both. Even though her classes are easier at her new school, she’s barely passing. At least in the beginning. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next. Here are my thoughts on it: This novel is beautifully and realistically written in the voice and opinion of a teenager. The author does a wonderful job expressing how confused, overwhelmed and pressured teens are (not just pregnant ones.) The book is raw, emotional and depressing at times while uncovering the true meaning of friendship and family. It also touches on the whole “money doesn’t buy happiness” theme in an eye-opening way. I also feel like the book got better (and more appropriate) as the story went on. A well-written must read!


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