A Relaxing Weekend

       I had a pretty low-key, relaxing and rejuvinating weekend. On Friday night, after a swim workout at Ashworth Pool, I headed to the Des Moines Arts Festival  with my mom and friend Emily and then met up with my dad. I walked a couple loops around the festival to scope things out and found free Chobani yogurt! Woo-hooo!!! I really enjoyed the rasberry dark chocolate and pineapple caramel bites and can’t wait to devour the key lime pie flip yogurt with graham crackers and white chocolate chips! I looked at some art and found a couple wire sculptures I liked. My next priority: Dinner! I checked out all the food tents before deciding on what I had last year: Island Noodles. There are only two options on the menu. It’s soba noodles with 21 veggies and a secret sauce prepared in a wok with or without chicken. I had without chicken, because I had to save some money for dessert. For dessert, I stopped by Ritual Cafe to get one of their ahhhhhmaaaaazing, vegan, hempnut chocolate chip cookies. Yum! I actually think I got one of the same cookies last year at the Arts Festival. While I honestly wasn’t very interested in the art, I enjoyed eating good food and running into lots of people we knew. I went home and watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars, while painting my nails.

       I woke up early Saturday morning, to meet my the rest of the Roosevelt cross country girls for a trail run. We ran just over 6 miles at an 8 minute pace. I got a ride home (Can’t ride until I can legally drive!) and spent the rest of the morning reading, blogging and eating. Shortly after lunch, my dad and I loaded up the kayak and drove to Raccoon River Park. We kayaked for about an hour. It was the first time we’d been out in the kayak this year and I’m so glad we went! I had a snack and did some Pop Pilates when I got home. I have been really focusing on my arms and back in my (non-running) workouts this weekend like kayaking, lots of arms and back Pilates videos and rowing. I made myself a simple dinner of fruit, cottage cheese and a spinach salad with balsamic vinagrette before watching So Undercover starring Miley Cyrus. (I know, I know it wasn’t my first choice and Redbox didn’t have many good selections. The title is super cheesey.) Anyway, the plot was better than I expected and very entertaining. It remided me of a lot less violent, college version of Salt. It was also pretty funny. Also, I couldn’t tell if it was just bad acting out of Miley Cyrus (Hey, at least she had better hair in 2011…..)  or a badly written script, Either way, I felt like smirking for half the movie. It was a good, light chick flick for a Saturday night. I finished the night by reading the rest of Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott (read my book review here!)

     Today (Sunday) was probably the most relaxing day of all. I slept in until 8:30 and didn’t have to get up to run (even though I usually look forward to our morning practices.) I started my morning by reading the newspaper, eating breakfast and spending way too long trying to find my sandals (They were next to my bed all along.) Around 10 o’clock I took my dog, Copper, on a 4 mile walk. It felt good to shake out my legs after a long week of higher-mileage running. I did some more Pop Pilates before catching up on blogs I follow and blogging myself. Later in the afternoon, I headed to the Y’s Healthy Living Center for some rowing intervals (6x900m repeats) and a yoga class. I finshed my afternoon with a trip to the steam room. I came home, showered, and started a new book, Flygirl. I can’t wait to fill you in on it soon!

     It was a great, sister-free (Olivia’s in Florida for the next couple weeks) weekend that left me ready for a busy and fabulous last week before I depart for my youth group mission trip!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, too!



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