Stealing Heaven Book Review


       Last night, I finished reading a great book: Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott. I picked this novel out at the library, looking for a light read. It ended up being so much more. Stealing Heaven was deep, moving and chocked full of inspirational advice. The dialogue was cleverly worded in a way that made you want to read more in between the lines.

       Here’s a quick summary: The main character is 18 year old Dani. Dani is rarely called Dani, though. Her and her mother move from town to town to steal antique silver from wealthy residents. Then, they move onto the next place before anyone knows it’s missing. That’s their  strategy: Steal something people won’t notice and don’t use much so they can keep stealing it to make a lot of money and never get caught. But, Dani never really has wanted in on this life. Dani has a completely different personality (and set of morals) than her mom. Although, Dani feels like she owes her mom, because her father left and her mom has always gone above and beyond providing for her. (In a way, with lavish things if you ignore the fact that Dani was never allowed to go to school.) Dani and her mom move onto Heaven, a small beach town. I sensed from the beginning that it would be difficult to lay low in such a small place. Boy, was I right. Dani meets a police officer, Greg, and they pretty much fall in love. Dani shares a little too much information with him, as well as her first real friend (that lives in Heaven during the summer) named Alison. Then she finds out that Alsion lives in the house that her mom plans on robbing next. That’s when things get interesting. (In other words: Get the book NOW and read it for yourself!)

     Overall, this wasn’t the ho-hum book I thought it’d be. Unfortunately, the ending wasn’t as impressive. I won’t give you specifics, but things essentially just get worse and then more inspirational advice is given and everyone moves on with their lives.

Comment below after you’ve read the book and tell me what you thought!

Happy reading!!!


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