Strive Nutrition+Mission Trip Preview

         Today, for lunch, I mixed things up. After running some arrends around town on my bike, I headed to Strive Nutrition for a protein shake. Strive Nutrition is really close to my house and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before. It was a way better deal than I thought it would be. For just $7.50 (no tax) I got an aloe shot, choice of iced tea and protein shake. The guy working there told me to take the aloe shot first, (for digestion) the tea second and the shake last. Strive had original, lemon and raspberry iced tea. I mixed the raspberry and lemon and it was delicious but not really sweet at all. I was almost finished with my tea when my shake was ready. All the shakes are dessert flavored and there was a big variety. I ordered #50 and it wasn’t even halfway down the list. The flavors were divided into four categories: Candy, Vanilla, Chocolate and Fruit. Surprisingly, the fruit list was the shortest. I ended up ordering the almond joy protein shake from the chocolate category (after lots of contemplation.) It was really filling and creamy. I like it but it had a bit of an artificial taste (possibly from the coconut extract?) I found out that all the protein shakes have between 220-240 calories and 24-28 grams of protein. That’s pretty good! But, I wish they would’ve listed ingredients and the sugar content. I’m still full and satisfied 3 hours later! Strive also had bars, supplements and protein powders for sale and a great atmosphere: Bright colors, glass tables and modern chairs. Be sure to check it out!

        Earlier this morning, I went to Dahl’s Grocery Store to buy some stuff for my mission trip (with my youth group from Plymouth Church to Heifer International’s ranch in Arkansas. We’re leaving bright and early Sunday morning!) The essentials:

               I got some healthy snacks for the long car ride including two green juices, my favorite goji ginger walnut cookies, Pirate’s Booty, (puffed corn and rice) and pistachios. For entertainment, I got the current issues of Yoga Journal and Natural Health to read. I also got a new cranberry and pomegranite Burt’s Bees replenishing body bar (a.k.a. soap) and a lotion with aloe (also Burt’s Bees.) This way I can keep everything moisturized and healthy despite all the time in the sun and pysical labor and dirt and grime and few showers……ick! Hopefully, I’ll survive. I also went to the library and picked up the next three books in the Pretty Little Liars series, to read in the car and (if I have time) at the ranch. I’ve also prepared to bring some light exercise equiptment, workout clothes and workout pages from magazines, in case we have free time. If we don’t, no big deal. I’ve read multiple places that it takes at least two weeks to lose fitness. Overall, I’m counting it as my week off and there will probably be plenty of manual labor to do on the ranch. It’s a little (okay, A LOT) out of my comfort zone to be away from my regular routine, but I know it’s good for me and an amazing opportunity!


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