This or That?

     This is a health and fitness questionare I found while searching the internet. I found it on the blog Fairy Healthy Life. Here’s my answers to the questions.

This or That?

1.Run/workout in the heat and humidity or freezing temps and snow?

I live in Iowa, so I have to deal with both. I’ll go with cold weather because you don’t sweat as much.

2. Have washboard abs or flat abs?

All I want is a strong core, which I have.

3. Cardio or strength?

Gotta have both.

4. Protien or carbs?

Also, gotta have both. But, as far as cravings go: carbs.

5. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?

Jillian Michaels. Bob Harper cusses too much.

6. Frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Fro yo all the way! I love all the toppings and flavor options.

7.Strength training for upper or lower body?

I actually enjoy both and think both are important.

8. Lunges or squats?

Squats are just more comfortable for me and easier to balance during.

9. Sweet or salty?

Sweet! I loooovvvve desserts!

10. Cute or comfy workout clothes?

You need both features for comfort. A stylish ensemble makes you feel confident and good about yourself and a comfy one prevents you from quitting a workout because of chafing or other reasons. Now a days, it’s easy to find both (a.k.a. Athleta and Lululemon!)

11.Yoga or Pilates?

In general, I do both. I kinda go in phases for a week or so, as to which I’m into. Currently, it’s yoga.

12. Nike or Adidas?

I have never really been a fan of anything from Adidas. Nike is always with the times and coming out with functional and cute new stuff.

13. Running on the treadmill or outdoors?

Outdoors. I despise treadmills.

14. Whole Foods or Trader Joes?

Whole Foods. More samples and variety and bigger……

15.Summer or winter olympics?

Summer. I’m not really into snow sports.

16. Exercise classes or videos?

Videos. You can take water and bathroom breaks without missing anything. Also, they can fit into almost anyone’s schedule and are free if you have a computer and youtube!

17. Steamed or roasted veggies?

Roasted veggies have more flavor. But, I’ll eat either.

That’s all folks!

Feel free to play along and answer the above questions for yourself and post them in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading!!!



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