Cooking Class


         On Thursday night, I went to a cooking class with my Youth Shares sponsor from Plymouth Church, Nancy and her husband Bob. It was a great time. The class was in the chef’s home in Clive (a suburb of Des Moines) and was called “Healthy Goes It!”

         Chef Terrie Kohl owns Country Club Market out of her home. She had an amazing energy to her and was so enthusiastic and welcoming. Terrie also had an amazing knowledge of culinary arts. She even showed me a picture of her and Julia Child from the year I was born. She also spoke in French and used big culinary terms. I ended up having to look up many in a thick culinary arts dictionary that she had.

         The menu had to be the best part, though. It was my kind of meal:

  • Parsely and sea salt homemade bread.


  • Kale, edamame, quinoa and blueberry salad.


  • Green tea poached salmon.


  • Individual Fresh Berry Tiramisu.


       The meal was also pretty quick to prepare. We were in and out of the class in just over an hour, despite all the chatting we did.

       Terrie also offers other culinary arts and cooking classes, as well as, catering home, business and special events. I highly recommend the class! Check out Chef Terrie’s website at!


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