In Defense of Food Book Review

Last week, I finished reading ‘In Defense of Food’ by Michael Pollan. I have read one other book by Michael Pollan called ‘Food Rules.’ In my opinion, Pollan is the most intelligent author I know of. This book esp. just makes so much sense. ‘In Defense of Food’ is mainly about Nutritionism (what it is and what’s wrong with it.) There is a lot of information and it is somewhat of an advanced read, yet Pollan ties it all together in a very straight-forward manner.

The main points I got out of this book are:
• Eat like your ancestors did.
• Cook.
• Avoid food with health claims. (Think about it: A carrot is a whole lot healthier than a low-fat cookie, yet the cookie has the health claim, and the carrot doesn’t because it isn’t packaged.)
• A low-fat diet hasn’t made Americans any healthier. (It’s made us way fatter and sicker.)
• Meat isn’t necessary but isn’t bad for you either.
• The Food Industry does not care about our health.
• Americans eat more food (calorie-wise) but enjoy it less and spend a lot less money on it (based on percentage of income) than Europeans do.
These are just a few points that stuck in my mind. I didn’t even consult the book to write this blog post! This information really sticks with you because it makes so much sense. For a better outline of these points read ‘Food Rules’ also by Michael Pollan. Really! I’m considering buying a copy of ‘In Defense of Food’ for all my friends and family (In an imaginary world where I could afford that.) for Christmas this year. It has changed the way I eat and think about food, for sure. Give it a read!!!


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