PowerLife Yoga Opens!

I was really looking forward to this weekend because PowerLife Yoga’s Downtown location (on Ingersoll Ave.) had its grand opening! I have taken a few classes from PowerLife Yoga teachers at the Des Moines Lululemon showroom. I knew they had a location in West Des Moines (West Glen Town Center) and are really successful there. I was so happy when I found out they were opening a location just down the street from my house! Now, I can get there on my own!
I started my free week yesterday and am LOVING PowerLife so far! Let me tell you, this studio is gorgeous! There are at least two heated studios, Men’s and Women’s locker rooms (with all the amenities) and a comfy lobby with merchandise for sale. I took a Sculpt class and Power 2 class, on both Saturday and Sunday. If you were wondering, Sculpt is yoga with weights and cardio bursts- a TOTAL body workout! These were the first real Sculpt classes I’ve taken. (There were a couple modified ones at the Lululemon Showroom, but there weren’t enough weights to go around.) Sculpt is tough but you feel so strong and amazing afterward that you want to do it again (Or, maybe that’s just me. Ha!Ha!) The hour also goes by really quick.
Another thing I love about Power Life is that the staff emphasizes community. At the beginning of some classes, we introduced ourselves to someone new or hugged everyone else in the class. Partner handstands were also incorporated (But I’m considering requesting that PowerLife nix that part of the class because my partner let me flip over her arm and into the mirror. OOPS!)
The energy in the studio is contagious. There’s booming loud pop music (Not typical in most yoga studios, but perfect for a strong, flowing practice.) and all the teachers acted like they were either on a sugar high or drank way to much coffee before class. Either way, the ambience and encouraging teachers help you forget about the rest of your day and any problems you’re having. Seriously, I think all the kids at Gateway (my school) need to cross the street and attend a class for recess! I felt so focused and full of energy both days after class! Wouldn’t we all love to be more focused and full of energy without caffeine or drugs?
On that note, all the opinions above are my own and I am not being paid in any way to promote PowerLife Yoga. I just love it that much!
Until next time,
Elena Hicks


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