Cross Country Time Trials

I have some exciting news: I made Varsity, again! The Roosevelt girls cross country team had our Varsity time trials, yesterday. It was two miles around the Roosevelt track, per usual. Top 7 made Varsity and all 40 or so girls had to run. I was hoping for second place, but mainly just wanted to beat the new Freshman, Alex. Which I did by two places. I placed third (I lost a spot by a few seconds to my teammate Kenzie on the last lap.) with a time of 12:31 (While dodging cheerleaders and football players that just had to be practicing at the same time!) That’s just a couple seconds slower than last year’s time. It was hard but I felt good throughout and it was fun to see what I could do at this point in the season. Although, nothing is set in stone because the top seven times at each meet race Varsity at the next. In other words, you’ve gotta earn your spot every meet. Even though that doesn’t seem so great at first, it keeps everyone on their toes and PRing right and left. Anyway, I am super excited for this season and ready to improve a lot! We took lots of photos, ate popsicles, cookies and chugged chocolate milk before cooling down (Should’ve rethought the order of the eating and running. HA!) together! It was a great afternoon and a great start to the racing season!!!

P.S. Our first meet is next Thursday in Marshalltown!!!


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