Sick Day


           Don’t you just hate it when life is going really smoothly and your busy and feeling great and then BOOM you feel like crap? Well, I do. And that’s what just happened to me. I have had cold symptoms for a few days now and then two nights ago my throat got super sore and then last night my nose started running, and it hasn’t stopped. I rarely get sick and when I do, I feel paralyzed. I’ve been in a total mental fog and can’t focus. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve lost or forgotten in the last couple days. And, the timing couldn’t have been worse. I’m trying to study for my first big Algebra 2 quiz tomorrow and also have my first cross country meet tomorrow. I felt so prepared and in shape and just ready to go for this meet. But, now I just feel awful. I really want to run tomorrow, but I can’t breathe and haven’t been able to sleep because of this cold. It stinks. I have been training specifically for this race since June and have done everything in my power (eating right, getting plenty of sleep, stretching, foam rolling, ice baths, etc.) to make sure I am healthy and injury free by now. I feel like everything is thrown away because of this stupid cold. It’s affecting the rest of my body too: My legs esp. quads are unusually tight and my shoulders are so tensed (probably because of my head weighing at least 10x more than usual.) If I run tomorrow, I want to give my 110%. but, I feel like I can’t trust my body to perform in this condition. And, would it do more harm than good? If I run tomorrow would it delay my recovery and affect my performance in future meets? Could I lose my Varsity spot because I’m not racing like myself? Or, would I surprise myself and push through and do great? If I don’t race tomorrow would it push me harder in future races, knowing I missed an opportunity? I have so many questions. There are pros and cons to both situations. It’s hard to know. And, another thought: Is this God’s way of telling me not to race or to push through the hard times in life? It’s even harder to know God’s intention. It could go either way. It would be safer to not race, but then I would feel like I’m letting down my coach and teammates. Or, is it an opportunity for one of my teammates (who hasn’t) to race Varsity? Looking at the bigger picture, it would be smarter to skip tomorrow’s meet and just move on and put all my attention on my next meet. Maybe it’s too soon to tell. Ultimately, I’ll see how I feel in the morning. Wish me luck!



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