Why I Love Power Life Yoga

       As many of you know, I work and take classes at Power Life Yoga’s downtown location all the time! I’ve had a few people ask me why I like it, but I’m mostly writing this post just because I feel so enthusiastic about being a part of the Power Life community, right now. Here’s a list of the main reasons why I LOVE Power Life Yoga and why you should check it out, too.

  • The Work-Trade Program

The Work Trade Program at Power Life is so great! This is what I do. Essentially, you agree to work a three hour cleaning/maintainance/front desk shift once a week for a free membership (unlimited monthly classes.) It is so generous and such an amazing idea.

  • The Power 2 Classes

I’ve never taken a Power 1 class, but I take Power 2 classes all the time. Power 1 and 2 are the main Power Yoga classes they offer (Power 1.5 also at the West Glen Location.) P2s are fast-paced vinyasa flows with a core and arm balance sequences. They’re heated and I haven’t had one instructed I haven’t liked.

  • The Sculpt Classes

Yoga Sculpt is yoga with weights, cardio bursts as well as strength-training and Pilates moves. it is always a KILLER workout and you’ll be sweating more than you ever have before, not to mention the heated room. You feel even more so just rinsed of toxins and exhausted yet energized, than from a Power 2 class. The music is always really upbeat and mostly pop. The teachers are so peppy and inspiring that you won’t even think about stopping. Even though they’re hard, you’ll come back for more sculpting. And, finally, as the instructors commonly say, “Whether it’s your first or your hundredth Sculpt class, it’s always a challenge. No workout is ever the same and Sculpt is always a humbling practice.”

  • The Community Aspect

Power Life Yoga is BIG on community! At the beginning of most classes, the instructor has everyone get up and meet someone new and either give them a big hug, or introduce themselves. When you’re in a Power Life class, everyone seems so connected, in a way that words cannot express. I also love the social aspect that I run into people I know from all over. For example, I run into family friends, teachers, old babysitters and classmates all the time. And, everyone who doesn’t go to Power Life seems to know about it and wants to give it a try.

  • The Amenities

Power Life has to be the only yoga studio in Iowa that has locker rooms with all the amenities: Showers, shampoo, bodywash, conditioner, body lotion, even mouthwash! Power Life also has great merchandise! There’s clothes, headbands and yoga mats feauturing a lot of Luon!


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