Sweet 16

                Today is my 16th birthday! I am so excited and can’t believe I’ve already been alive for sixteen years! Since my birthday is on a Monday this year, I spread out my celebration. On Friday afternoon I got an hour long massage. On Saturday morning, I brought cookies and donuts to Power Life Yoga and took some great classes. I spent Saturday afternoon at East Village Spa getting a mani-pedi and facial. It was ahhhhhmaaaaazing! So relaxing. I highly recommend East Village Spa! My maternal grandparents were in town Friday thru today. It was great to have them here on my birthday! Today, I went to Strive Nutrition for a Strawberry Cheesecake protein shake for breakfast. My grandpa, dad and sister tagged along. I wish I started every day with a Strive protein shake! Then, I went about my normal schedule and went to school. I was sung “Happy Birthday” every block (the benefits of a small school, where everyone knows everything…) My dad kindly brought me lunch from Palmer’s Deli. I had the box lunch with a Turnberry (turkey, cream cheese and cranberry sauce on multigrain bread) sandwich, the trees and raisins salad and a peanut butter blossom cookie! It was all delicious and such a treat! When I got home from school, I helped my grandparents pack up and said goodbye, before heading to cross country practice. At cross country practice, we ran 5 miles partly on Greenwood Park’s dirt trails. It’s one of my favorite routes! After our run, I passed out granola bars that I brought as birthday treats. I rode my bike home and enjoyed a vegan chocolate-banana mini bunt cake that my mom got me from a vegan bakery in Kansas City! (She was there with my grandma for part of the weekend.) I paired it with almond milk for an extraordinary afternoon snack. Next, I biked over to Power Life Yoga to take a Sculpt and P2 class! Both were hot. sweaty and challenging! Then, I biked home and enjoyed a delicious dinner of stuffed pork chops, stewed cinnamon apples, cucumber salad and a lemon-coconut mini bunt cake! I finished my day by receiving some birthday calls from relatives. The day flew by! 16……. Wow!


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