Conference, Districts and State!


My sophmore cross country season has officially come to an end, so I’ll recap my last three meets in this post.

         On Thursday, October 17th, we had our conference meet at Ewing Park in Des Moines. It’s the metro conference so Hoover, East, North, Lincoln, Ottumua and Indianola were also in the meet. The course was super hilly (okay just one like mile long, super steep hill) a little longer than a 4k and a little messy footing. Even though everyone’s times were slow because of this and there wasn’t a ton of competition, it was a fun meet. The conference meet is important because it is a meet you truly run for your school, is the last j.v. meet and determines the Varsity team for districts (and possibly State!) I was 8th place in the Varsity meet and 7th for Roosevelt! Both the Roosevelt Boys’ and Girls’ teams won the meet! We celebrated by going out for dinner to Drake Diner (a tradition!) I think it’s the 13th year in a row that the Roosevelt Girls have won Conference! They gave us the whole patio, which was nice, but we froze!

       On Thursday, October 24th, the Varsity team drove up to Council Bluffs for our district meet. Districts is the state qualifying meet! Top three teams and top 10 individuals qualify for the state meet in Fort Dodge on November 2nd. On Thursday the 24th, there were district meets happening all over the state. Ours was at Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs and hosted by Lewis-Central High School. The course was interesting. We ran around a track and sports complexes, through hilly woods, mulch and lots of hole-filled grass. It was challenging because there was a narrow start, messy footing and I got a huge wood chip stuck in my right spike which made it difficult to run. I was 24th, 7th for Roosevelt,  the Roosevelt Girls placed second (Johnston 1st and Waukee 3rd- We were so happy to beat Waukee!) and the Roosevelt Boys third! We qualified! Apparently, Roosevelt is the only school to have neither team qualify for State one year, and both Boys and Girls qualify the next year! Cool, huh? I didn’t get to go to State last year and was so excited that I had the opportunity to race there this year!

        Yesterday, Saturday, November 2nd, was the state meet in Fort Dodge! We drove up the morning of for our 11 a.m. 4A Girls race! I love the Fort Dodge course, and had just run it a couple weeks earlier for the Fort Dodge Invite! The course has short grass, clean footing, a wide start, a downhill finish, is well marked and fast! It’s the perfect state meet course! The race went by soooooo fast! It felt like I was in a tunnel the whole race with all the other runners and hundreds of spectators on both sides of the course’s white lines! All you had to do was keep moving forward with the crowd. I had a great race, finishing 75th overall and 6th for Roosevelt (I moved up!) with a time of 16:08! That’s 20 seconds faster than what I ran just a couple weeks ago, on the same course, for the Fort Dodge Invite! It’s also a season best, just ahead of my time at the Newton Invite. (I ran faster at the Fort Dodge Invite last year, though.) Competing at the state meet was an amazing experience, made me love the sport of cross country so much more and made me so excited for next season! Congrats to all the Roosevelt seniors who had their last high school race ever and to Meghan Schott (our #1 runner) who placed fourth with a time of 14:28! You go girl!

         Today, I went on my last run before taking a couple of weeks off. I ran 7.15 miles in 57 minutes and even though I was sore, felt great! I always love having a run to shake out my legs, clear my mind and reflect on the season after my last race! I’m planning on lap swimming, biking and doing plenty of Power Life Yoga P2 and Sculpt classes during my two weeks off of running! Even though I know I need the rest, it’s a hard time to stop running after all the enthusiasm is still with me from the exciting state meet. The timing couldn’t be more perfect though: I got my extra hur of sleep last night from Daylight Savings, am starting Driver’s Ed on Tuesday and am starting my Power Sculpt Teacher Training on Saturday. The holiday season is also quickly approaching us. This ended up being the perfect time for transition.

         We have our banquet next Sunday. I’m sure it will be full of smiles and tears, after such a successful season and having to say goodbye to the best coach ever, Jacob Kaemmer (who’s moving to Nebraska.) I’ll be sure to post a season reflection and about the banquet soon! Until then!



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