Holiday Gifts for Active People

Here are some awesome gift ideas for the workout kings and queen of your holiday shopping list:

  • North Face Jackets. Everyone loves North Face jackets. They’re warm yet light weight, form-fitting and flattering and last ages. You can buy them in Kids’, Mens’ and Womens’. I also love that-unlike many other fleece jackets-they don’t get all crunchy after the first wash.

north face

  • Oakley Goggles. Great for the skiier or snowboarder in your life. Stylish and protective. They come in so many different styles and colors for both men and women.

  • Smartwool Socks. Warm wool socks made in various thickness and lengths for specific outdoor sports. Avaliable in Kids’, Mens’ and Womens’. Wool is known for adjusting to body heat, to either warm up or cool down feet.

  • Magazine Subscription. A gift that keeps on giving (esp. if you renew it the next year.) The recipitant will remember your generosity each time they get they’re monthly magazine.  Some favorite fitness magazines of mine are: Runner’s World, Fitness, Self, Shape, Outside, Women’s Health, Health, Bicycling.

  • Spa Gift Card. Every American, esp. hard-core athletes, need some rest and rejuvination. A giftcard for a massage and a pedicure would be the best for an runners and cyclists, to relieve all that built up tension and take care of those hard-working feet.

  • Garmin Watch. I loooove my Garmin watch. I have the Fore Runner 10, which I highly recommend. It’s lighter weight and smaller than most Garmin running watches and tracks everything: calories burned, miles run, mile splits, average pace, etc. It’s also really simple to use, even for technophobes like me.

  • Road ID. Keep your friends and family safe with an identification bracelet designed for runners and cyclists. I have one. It provides much needed peace of mind.

  • Foam Roller. I think of a foam roller as a cheap daily massage. Whenever I have a kink or sore muscle, I roll it out. It feels so good. I also read that a study found that foam rolling before exercise (instead of stretching)  improves performance and foam rolling afterward speeds up recovery and reduces soreness.

  • Swigg or Camelbak Waterbottle. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly leaving my water bottles at the yoga studio, in the car, or somewhere around my house. Everyone could use another waterbottle and drink more water. Both Swigg and Camelbak make stylish and durable water bottles for people on the go. You can even design a custom Swigg water bottle on their website.

  • Picky Bars. I love these nutrition bars! They come in great flavors and have the ideal carb to protein ratio (4 to 1.) Picky bars are also created by a professional runner. Picky bars are light enough to be eaten before or during a workout.

  • Lululemon’s “The Mat.” I have this yoga mat and it is by far the best yoga mat I’ve ever used. I practice hot yoga, and no matter how much I sweat, “The Mat” absorbs it and I don’t slip. It’s also doesn’t wrinkle or move during class, and is pretty cushy for the dreaded frog pose.

Happy Shopping!


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