Winter Fitness-Part 2

In my last Winter Fitness post, I talked about indoor workouts. In “Winter Fitness-Part 2” I’ll share great ideas for outdoor winter sports. Enjoy!


The snow that comes along with winter provides great opportunities to get out and get active, in new ways. By just stepping outside you’ll be burning more calories than when inside. Your body has to use more energy to maintain your regular internal body heat (the same reason Inuits, and other year-round cold climate dwellers, get away with eating so much fat and calories.)

Just remeber to dress appropriately to keep your self safe and frost-bite free. A good rule of thumb is to dress like it’s 15 degrees wamer than it actually is, for outdoor workouts.

Breathing in cool, fresh air really helps boost your immunity and lift your mood.

Like water, snow creates resistance, which allows you to burn more calories and tone firmer muscles.


Downhill skiing and snowboarding are obviously very popular and a great workout. Unfortunatly, you may not have the time, money or access to ski slopes on a regular basis.


 Try cross country skiing (which burns a lot more calories than downhill skiing,) or snowshoeing. Both can be done in nearby parks, trails or fields. The equiptment is minimal and is a one-time investment. You’re also much less likely to get injured while cross country skiing or snowshoeing versus skiing and snowboarding.


Sledding is also a great leg and glute toning, cardio workout from walking up all those hills again and again, while pulling a sled.


Ice Skating is a favorite of mine. A great leg toning and cardio workout (along with balance work.) I find it meditative to skate in circles while surrounded by other happy people. 


All of these winter sports are great ways to get out of the house, clear your mind and spend time with your family and friends.

Here are some benefits and fun facts about these winter sports: (Prevention)


Sport Calories* Target Areas To boost the burn
Snow-shoeing 544 Abs, thighs, calves Use poles to give your upper body a workout, too.
Cross-country 510 Shoulders, arms, thighs Raise your arms to shoulder height to improve the cardio benefit.
Ice-Skating 425 Thighs, calves Go backward to challenge your leg muscles even more.
Downhill Skiing 374 Abs, thighs, butt Follow an exaggerated zigzag pattern while descending to work your core harder.

If you’re really adeventurous and brave, give ice climbing a try. But… be careful!



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